Wales & Company Solicitors are a Dublin Solicitors firm that specialise in Debt Recovery and Litigation.

In addition to our niche practice concentrating on Debt Recovery we also offer a range of other services.

Tracing Service Throughout Ireland

Wales & Co work with a number of specialised Tracing Agents throughout Ireland.

A Summons must be served in the jurisdiction of the debtor it is therefore important that the correct name and address is given prior to issuing proceedings.

When sending debtors details if you are unsure that the current address you have is correct submit the last known address. The more information you can give at this time the easier it will be for our tracing agent to conduct a trace.

Where possible our tracing agent will conduct a trace from information given to ascertain where the debtor currently resides.

Company Search

It is our policy on receipt of debtors information to conduct a company search. This is to ensure that the company is a registered company.

If results show that the company is "Dissolved" it is not possible to continue with legal proceedings to recover debt. The exception to this is if you have a "Personal Guarantee" from a Director in which case you can pursue the debt through the Director.